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September 20, 2012

You Can Now Erase Chris Brown From The Internet + Chris Is Glad He Has Anti-Domestic Sticker on Album


Man, Chris Brown can’t even catch a break. Fresh off of winning his Award for MTV he has more drama brewing. Chris has become the focus of a new Google Chrome app. ‘Brownout’ removes all mentions of the R&B singer from the internet while browsing online. The Toronto-based music blog AUX created the app that deletes any reference to the ‘Beautiful People’ star. Producer Sam Sutherland told CBS Local: “If he wants to get a tattoo on his neck that kind of looks like Rihanna we are going to write about it. But at some point, it reaches Chris Brown idiocy saturation.” He added: “All we had to do is build a frame where it recognises the word and ignores it and literally erases it. You can see everything except his name and his face.” Nickelback were previously the victims of AUX’s deletion method, with their ‘Nickelblock’ plugin. I can name a list of others that need to be black/brown out before him. I really feel sorry all the negativity he gets. People try to hard, and Chris is not fazed by these BS supporters against Domestic Abuse.


Brown is glad he was targeted by anti-domestic violence campaigners last week, insisting a sticker stunt has helped to publicize his new album.
Mystery activists entered a store in London and secretly placed notices declaring, “WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM! THIS MAN BEATS WOMEN” on the Kiss Kiss hit-maker’s new disc, Fortune.
However, the stunt has met with approval by the singer, who insists it has been great publicity.
A representative for Brown says, “We were as surprised as anyone when the stickers appeared. Obviously someone must have snuck in to put them on a handful of CDs… I guess they got their point across pretty effectively – with widespread coverage around the world, though, by the same token, quite a few more people now know there’s a new Chris Brown album out.”

Chris Brown beats women stickers


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