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December 20, 2012

NBA MVP Lebron James Gets No Love in Dallas…(PICS)

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Maybe it was this crazy old Texas weather or maybe people just didn’t know King Lebron James was hosting a party, whatever the reason was Dallas did not step up and represent for the Sportsman of the Year.  I’m talking about no love for the the eight-time NBA All-Star who followed up his first NBA championship with his second Olympic gold medal as he led Team USA to an undefeated record in the games.

Miami Heats MVP Lebron James hosted his party at Club Zouk in Dallas, TX for his ‘Celebrating the Life of Dallas Cowboy Jerry Brown’and less than a hundred people showed up.  I will say that the weather could have played a last minute part in it but if you spent money on a ticket the rain will not stop you. The Heat plays Dallas today at the American Airlines Center.  I don’t think there’s any love for the Miami Heat.

Zouk is a huge club and sometimes it doesn’t draw the large crowd it anticipates but I’ve been there when T.I., Drake, R. Kelly, and Snoop and it was super packed.  I also thought well it was a Wednesday night but I know Dallas parties during the week too.  Whatever the reason was it had to leave Lebron feeling a certain type of way about Dallas.

Oh, but I will tell you who was there.  Out of the one hundred people 75 were young ladies eagerly waiting to get into the VIP to hang with him.  Most would call these ladies Boppers because you never see them until a star athlete or major celebrity come through but i’ll just call them determined young women.  Lebron chilled in the VIP with his crew and a few ladies that managed to get past his security.

The party was supposed to be an evening of philanthropy in efforts to support Jerry Brown’s family and daughter, Mya.

Hopefully the Mavericks take it home tonight against The Heat.  Let’s Go Mavs!

Check out the emptiness of the club and these were taken at 1:15am….






































































































































































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