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Demi Moore-Can't-Get-Over-Ashton Kutcher-DivaWhispers

Demi Moore Just Can’t Get Over Ashton Kutcher…

According to Hollywood Hiccups, Demi Moore wants to get over Ashton Kutcher, she wants to move on to greener pastures, but is not working.  Each time she sees Ashton with his new lady love Mila Kunis, it is another stab in her...
by Toshira


It’s Official: Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez Are Dating!

Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez hold hands during first public appearance since admitting they are dating. I like these two together……..Mark Sanchez the New York Jets Quarterback is 25 and Eva Longoria is 37.     T...
by Toshira


Octomom Has A New Man That’s 16 Years Younger Than Her!! (PICS)

There’s a new Cougar in town!  Nadya Suleman aka Octomom, has found herself a boyfriend named Frankie G…who is 13 years her junior.  Even though she has vowed to stay celibate for the next 15 years, the couple seem to...
by Toshira